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raisedhandsSt. John the Evangelist School is a Catholic parish school. We believe that each student, being a child of God, is special and gifted. We strive to offer a rich and diverse curriculum that fosters a love of learning and helps each child to achieve their full potential. At St. John the Evangelist School, students progress from age 4 through end of grade 8 in a safe and academically challenging environment that helps them to understand and appreciate the contributions they can make to our school, our parish, and the community at large.

Our curriculum follows the guidelines and policies of the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, St. John the Evangelist School challenges the staff to bring out the best in each child.

Students work in smaller groups for reading and mathematics according to abilities in grades 1 through 8. This grouping is designed to give teachers a better opportunity to challenge the gifted students and to ensure that all students achieve to the best of their ability with their God-given talents. Opportunities are also provided for small group learning in the following classes: science lab, art, computer education, speech and physical education.

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